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"Education is essential. This has always been true since the beginning of time. Knowledge is the foundation of everything in existence. The learning experience is a lifelong one. I give credit to my college experience for the direction my life is going. I feel great about the opportunities ahead of me."
-Will Gourdine, first-generation college student, GED Scholar

"I want to let first generation and GED graduates know that they're not the first to be in this situation and there is always hope. I am here to help others realize that a college education is within reach. We're here to listen and we care. It doesn't matter where you come from - you can succeed and be who you want to be."
-Jeannette Rodhe, first-generation college student, GED Scholar

Planning to go to college can be an exciting time with plenty of possibilities. However, charting the course to your future can leave you with many questions and mixed emotions. Confusion about how best to navigate through college may deter you, but no one should miss out on the opportunity for a rewarding education. Bridges to a College Education is a program specifically designed to help GED and first-generation students make a successful transition into college by providing helpful services, advice, and information that allows students to reach their goals.

Remember, you are not alone in this journey! There are many support services on the Kent State campus that can help you with your educational pursuits. Do not be afraid to ask for help.

The information and advice discussed on this website originated from the initial concerns addressed by a committee of over 25 GED and first-generation Bridges to Kent State University Scholarship awardees that are currently enrolled full-time at the university. Committee participants focused on what they believed to be barriers prior to attending college and the general confusion they had with the transitioning process. Their thoughts were compiled to create this website designed for potential students facing the same experiences.

Academic Advising
When you have any academic questions or concerns, your first step should be to contact your advisor at your academic programs office. To find out how to contact your academic programs office go to .

Adult Student Center
If you are an adult student, there are many programs designed for your needs. Some of the many programs offered by the Kent State Center for Adult and Veterans Services include career guidance, mentoring, pre-admissions counseling, and an adult student orientation.

GED Scholars Initiative
The GED Scholars Initiative, located on the Kent Campus, helps GED graduates transition to college by offering academic, financial, and social support.

A student ombuds can help with any question or concern that relates to the university. The Office of the Student Ombuds can help with issues relating to grades, courses, housing, parking, and more. Whenever a problem you are not sure how to approach occurs, you can call or visit their office located in room 250 of the Student Center.

Student Accessibility Services
There is nothing to stop you If you have a chronic health disorder, a physical impairment, a psychological disability, or a temporary disability. Student Accessibility Services can work with you to insure you achieve your academic potential. Accessibility Services will not contact you; if you are in need of assistance, you must contact them.

Undergraduate Studies
Undergraduate Studies assists exploratory majors with degree and career concerns, provides tutoring services, and offers support and resources to low-income and first-generation college students. The Upward Bound Program is designed to help students graduate from high school and prepare for college. TRIO programs help students overcome barriers to achieving a higher education.

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