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How do I choose a major?

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" I don't want a degree that might get me a job that pays a lot of money; instead, I want to get a job that makes me happy. I love education and I wish I never had to leave the university, but someday I will have to leave and get a job. I want this job to be something that I love doing and that is why I changed my major from advertising to broadcasting."

- Joshua L Hamilton, first-generation college student - GED Scholar

There is no pressure to choose a major right away. In fact, many college students decide to switch majors, even when they are close to graduation. You have the option of being an Exploratory Major-someone who is still in the process of exploring their options. In the meantime, you will be taking core classes that are required of all students. These classes are designed to cover a large array of subjects, and they can help you to further narrow your interests.

The Career Services Center
Located in room 261 of the Schwartz Center, Career Services can help you select a career and major that best fits your interests. If you want to research potential careers and majors on your own, you can click here. The Career Services Center can also help you with graduate school preparation, finding an internship, interviewing skills and techniques, and effective resumes and cover letters.

Student Clubs and Organizations
You have the opportunity of participating in numerous student clubs and organizations. Take advantage of these wonderful opportunities; meet new people and learn new skills while embracing the college experience. If you wish to become more involved on campus, visit the Office of Student Involvement located in room 226 of the Student Center or visit their website.

If you are sure that you have chosen the major that best suits you and your desired career, you can visit your academic advisor to declare your major. Your advisor will then provide you with a Roadmap. You can see these Roadmaps by clicking the Search Majors and Degrees link. It's a good idea to review the classes you must take for your desired major before officially declaring your major. There could be classes that are completely outside of your interests, and this may be an early alert to choose another major. For further career, college, and major searches-as well as free assessment tests- visit Career Services' website. Create an account using the Kent State license code.

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